Together we have the power to make a difference

Hello all my blogger friends & Visitors please help me with your powerful hand...

"Alwals remember "Compassion wherever there is suffering Conviction that the compassion is strong enough to eliminate suffering Courage to make this conviction a reality"

As you all know too often domestic violence is a crime that is hidden away, but i am determined to bring it out into the open and tackle its root causes.

So' What is meant by 'domestic violence ?

Well Domestic violence is any incident of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between adults who are or have been in a relationship together, or between family members, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Whatever form it takes, domestic violence is rarely a one-off incident. More usually it's a pattern of abusive and controlling behaviour through which the abuser seeks power over their victim.

Domestic violence occurs across society, regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, wealth and geography.

However, that it consists mainly of violence by men against women.

Victims of domestic violence suffer on many levels - health, housing, education - and lose the freedom to live their lives how they want, and without fear. i aim to support victims of domestic violence with the help of your powerful hands.

"Read this small Story of a girl name Margie"

This is a painful one for Shirley and her husband Larry their daughter Margie was brutally murdered by the man who claimed to love her, Margie’s husband. “It’s easy to look back now and see the warning signs,” states Shirley. “But back then our family did not realize that the verbal attacks were escalating into physical assaults until it was too late.

I ask You to have patience and compassion for victims of domestic violence. It is important to realize women stay with abusers for many reasons. Judging and placing blame on victims only drives them farther into silence. Please remember, leaving an abuser is not a decision, it’s a process. Stick it out, be supportive of your friend, family member or coworker. You may be their only hope.”

The power is Yours......

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Remember together we have the power to make a difference......


RennyBA said...

Her from BlogCatalog - thanks for adding me!
This blog of yours with the delicate subject is a great initiative. Keep up the good work!

Supernova said...

Dats a wonderful task u have taken up. hats off to u:) and i eally lk the way u put it.

cdason said...

agree with your stance on violence on women.. keep it up..

Thanks for dropping by

anywhre.. hope that your fight for what you blog will continue.. cheers!!

Nancy Adler said...

It is an honor to read your blog on domestic violence and abuse.

I am a survivor turned thrivor of domestic violence and I look forward to sharing my story of hope, love and light.

It was July 2003 when I placed my last bet in a gambling casino after 13 years of gambling. When my head cleared from that I became very much aware of how abusive my marriage of 16 years had become.

Shortly after that I found myself living in a home for women and children that still struggle with domestic violence. I made up my mind that day when I got back on my feet I was going to give back.

This is indeed a sensitive subject. I work today as a coach and mentor in relationships, recovery and spiritual growth.

I would love to connect further to see how we may be able to work together to share our stories to help others.

Thank you so much!

~ Nancy